conTEMPt is a pilot for a comedy series starring Paul Nardizzi and Nick Di Paolo.

Paul Nardizzi has a big problem… life. After years of living off his wife’s income as a stay at home Dad, he now finds himself having to do temp work after his wife loses her full-time corporate job. Having experienced true joy only once in his life through stand-up comedy, Paul realizes that performing is his true love, but struggles to get back into that world with his new fiscal responsibilities. 

He finds himself stuck between finding an average career or pursuing his passion late into his forties. Navigating the world of joke-writing and temp work with Paul is the beautiful (and much younger) fledgling comedian Karyn; his jealous best friend, Joey; and his brother-in-law, Hank. Along with a host of misfit and misguided temp workers who are always getting him into trouble, Paul Nardizzi has nothing but conTEMPt.