Another Heist is a creative content creation brand producing original content in the areas of music, video, podcasts and new media. We are also a for-hire company that helps anyone pursue their passions and ideas through creative consulting, leadership and strategy.

Another Heist was started in April 2020 as a sister brand to VNeck Media Inc. a creative agency based in Boston and NYC. The team over at VNeck Media had become successful in the corporate and enterprise sector, and as the team grew they were working on a lot of original content. It made sense to create a brand that housed these creations.

Another Heist is a production team that works on original music, both on the composition/production and songwriting. We also produce music videos and different video projects such as comedy shows and short films. We are also involved with on demand media such as podcasts, and new media.

With it's multiple meanings, we look at New Media as any media that strays away from traditional media such as print, video, and terrestrial audio. So our Instagram Narratives we consider new media, as well as our experimental films and concepts.

Thanks! We are interested in working with people, as long as the logistics line up. Reach out to us, let us know what you are up to, and we'll figure out if we can come up with an arrangement that works for both sides.

Our team has marketing a social media talent that will help you get your project to where it needs to be. Let us know what you need and we can help.

Thanks again! For any of your corporate and enterprise needs, head over to our sister brand https://vneck.media and inquire there. Don't worry, our corporate team has worked on both very high level productions for fortune 500 companies as well as startups, so we'll have the services you need across production, creative, and marketing. And don't worry, our team over laps so you'll get the same great results and service as here.