The Team over at Another Heist is made up of members from VNeck Media Inc. as well as other professionals who have seen success in other fields. The one thing they all have in common is a love for the arts and pursuing creating experiences for people to enjoy.

Core Team


Bryan Margaca

Bryan has been a leader in film and video for over 10 years. Whether running a business, or as a director/producer. His value is felt throughout any production.

Jason Margaca

Creative Director
Jason has proven his knack for creative thinking in both the artistic and corporate worlds. He enjoys combing his skills in music, video, and the arts to craft amazing experiences.


Content Creator
Ali is not only one of our project talents, but she is a very accomplished musician and composer, filmmaker and photogrpaher.

Petrina Foley

Working with this many artists is difficult, Petrina has a way of keeping everyone moving forward productively while collaborating with each other at a high level.
jmeremy body

Jeremy Colon

Jeremy is a young up and coming entrepeneur who ahs experience in business, arts and entertainment. He also runs his own personal training business.

Brad McCarthy

Music Producer/Audio Engineer
Brad has been in the music industry for over 25 years. His skill spans composing, production, mixing and mastering, vocal producing, TV and film mixing, there's nothing Brad can't dial in sonically.