J. Margaca


Having pursued music, video, and creative ventures at a high level for over 20+ years. Producer/Director/Composer Jason Margaca has returned to the art form he started in. Having produced music for local artists, video games and video projects, he is bringing back his skill sets for his new sound in the pop/dance/rap genres.

Petrina Foley


Boston singer-songwriter, Petrina Foley brings a unique blend of soul infused rock that evokes vivid imagery, with well thought-out lyrics and fiery rock & roll arrangements.

Born and raised in Boston, Petrina fronted the roots rock band Oddway through 3 EP’s and a full length album release in 2007 along with regional and national touring, supporting such acts as The Samples, Vince Welnick of The Grateful Dead, Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20 and many others between 2002-2007.

After Oddway's disbandment in late 2007, Petrina focused her efforts on her solo EP, Proper Goodbye, with producers Sean McLaughlin (Elliot Smith, Maroon 5) and Brad McCarthy. Petrina takes every bit of fear, joy and knowledge from her experiences, and formulates them into every song, making each one clearly delivered reflections of her life that are carried through her true raw emotion.

Since the release of Proper Goodbye in October of 2008, Petrina has been focusing her efforts on her songwriting and defining her direction and vision for her future as a solo artist. As we approach the Summer of 2013, we embrace the release of Petrina’s new single “For You” along with its sister track, “Just Can’t Take It”.

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BeliefiNeed was born in Brockton, Massachusetts. Ever since a child believe I need was very interested in music. He would go home from high school and practice rhymes and rap performances in the mirror and he took that passion and turned it into his life career. Having performed dozens of times in and around the Boston/NYC areas, he is a strong lyricist who has an interesting story to tell. Beliefineed is an artist at heart and a dreamer by trade, but understands the reality of the business. You'll not only find him in front of the camera, but putting in his artistic vision on the other side also.

Maci Letsky


Yes! “Maci grew up doing musical theatre, where she appeared in numerous productions. In college, she was a proud member of the JMU Overtones where she got to perform in competitions, music videos, and record two studio albums. Although classically trained, she has always had a passion for singing pop, R&B, and acoustic music.

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Music Coming Soon



Originally from Port Au Prince, Haiti, JPLovesIt was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She was immersed in music and exposed to a variety of artists and genres from an early age. The artist is deeply connected to her roots and is passionate about Haitian music such as kompa. On top of this, JPLovesIt also enjoys exploring Salsa, Country, and R&B in her work.

JPLovesIt cut her teeth as a performer at the Handel and Hayden Society. This was an after-school program famous for their hands-on classical and operatic training. JPLovesIt had an undeniable raw talent and skill, and she was quickly recruited to the New England Conservatory. Here she starred in operatic plays with Gilbert and Sullivan Production Company. This was the beginning that sparked her professional career journey into the music industry.

Mixing Examples

Our production team has been producing and mixing bands for years. Here are some examples.